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Donors and volunteers have made tremendous improvements in Kultur Haus Helvetia, both in the physical building and in the operations of the different units. Major accomplishments since the community purchased Kultur Haus Helvetia include:

2018 - 2019 The Garage attached to Kultur Haus Helvetia is renovated. Sills and exterior walls are rebuilt, hemlock board and batten siding is installed, interior and exterior lights added, and electrical outlets installed. A donated freezer is now in the garage to hold extra bags of ice. All materials and labor are donated.
2017 The foundations of the orginal store, which is located at the back of the General Store, are replaced. These had slipped and become unstable. This will allow renovations of the rest of the Old Store to take place.
August 2015 A new pellet stove is installed. This will allow much more even heating with much less work. A number of electrical upgrades were made while the wiring was being installed for the stove. Three person days of labor were donated. Cost for the stove and one ton of pellets was $2860. An estimated 4 tons of pellets will be needed per year at a cost of $250 per ton.
Summer 2015 The exterior gets a coat of blue paint thanks to an annonymous donor.
Spring 2015 A new rental agreement is negotiated with the Postal Service for an additional $275 per month.
Spring 2015 An Amazon Smile account is created for KHH. This allows shoppers to have a donation made for their purchases. Follow the link, click "Amazon Smile" in the upper left corner of the screen, and select "Kultur Haus Helvetia" as your charity.
Fall 2014 An accessible restroom is added to the General Store at a cost of $1726.81 with many materials and 27 person days donated.
Fall 2014 Property taxes are eliminated because of the 501C3 status saving approximately $800 per year.  
Fall 2014 KHH receives 501C3 (tax exempt) status from the IRS. This means that donors can claim deductions for money given directly to KHH and it enables KHH to apply for many grants.
Summer 2014 A new roof is added to the store, lodge, and garage at a cost of $12,695.72. The work is done by a commercial roofing company as the project was too dangerous and too large to handle with volunteers.
Winter 2013 Volunteers cut firewood for KHH. The General Store and part of the Alpen Lodge are heated with wood and coal.  
Summer 2013 An accessibility ramp is added to the building.
November 2012 KHH serves as an emergency center after Superstorm Sandy providing communications, food, and housing.
February 2012 Alpen Lodge has upstairs sleeping rooms available.
January 21, 2012 Work day with painting, general repair, and renovation of the upstairs bathroom.
Fall 2011 Mask Museum opens.
November 2011 One sleeping room becomes available in the Alpen Lodge.
September 2011 Helvetia General Store openes.
Summer 2011 Volunteers clean, renovate, and paint KHH.
June 2011 KHH purchases the building.
Spring 2011 KHH organization is formed with the purpose of saving the Helvetia General Store, the Post Office, and the building which was in danger of being closed.