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Supporters have responded generously to the Kultur Haus Helvetia project. In addition to money, donations include merchandise, furniture, computer equipment, building supplies, appliances, flowers, use of equipment, books, and masks.

Goals, activities and accomplishments are described in a downloadable flyer.

You can donate using your credit card through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account.

If you shop at, you can have a portion of your payment donated to Kultur Haus Helvetia. Just go to and select "Kultur Haus Helvetia" as the recipient. Then do your purchasing at rather than the regular Amazon site.

Please make your tax deductible donation checks payable to "Kultur Haus Helvetia" (a 501C3 corporation), and mail to:

Kultur Haus Helvetia
P.O. Box 10
Helvetia, WV 26224

Our donors include:
  • Aaron B. Smith
  • Alan W. and Joamme Exline
  • Alvin Duke
  • Ben Gain
  • Bill and Sue Hamilton
  • Bill Umbright
  • Butch and Jo Ann Nicholson
  • Charles and Susan Reynolds
  • Charlie and Charlotte Chandler
  • Chris Antonini
  • Chris Butt
  • Chuck Chandler
  • Claudette Brown
  • Comumbia Transmission
  • Danny and Sherry Daetwyler
  • David and Suzanne Lemasters
  • David Sutton
  • David Whipp
  • Debbie Larrabee
  • Delmer and Sarah Ile
  • Diane and Lenard Patterson
  • Dick Walls
  • Donna and Vernon Morgan
  • Dr. Jerry and Heidi Arnett
  • Eleanor Betler
  • Elkins Builders Supply
  • Eric and Cynthia Betler
  • Follow Your Bliss Festival
  • Freddy Burky
  • Gordon G. Keyes
  • H. Kevin and Diane Betler
  • Helvetia Farm Women
  • Helvetia Resoration and
    Development Association
  • Henrietta Sanders
  • Hilda Kinzer
  • Jamie and Loni Sanders
  • Jason Walls
  • John Stock
  • Johnnie and Shelia Eppard
  • Lauren Brown
  • Mary Biggs
  • Maureen J. Rolla
  • Michael Morgan
  • Mike, Joni, Adam, and Lucy Roh
  • Nancy's Greenhouse
  • Pat Johns
  • Phil McAvoy
  • Ray and Judy Dibble
  • Ralph HallRobert and Dorothy Fahrner
  • Ronnie Smith
  • Scott and Lori Betler
  • Stephen A. Hamm
  • Steve and Jenna Gongola
  • Swiss Village Helvetia
  • Thaine and Jennifer Grams
  • The Julian Duke Family
  • The Schneider Family Foundation  
  • Tim Baggery
  • Veronique and Lindsey Gorby
Photo of worker removing shingles.
Photo of a desktop computer for the Research Center.
Photos of planters with flowers in front of Kultur Haus.
Photo of washer, dryer, and microwave.
Photo of books and software for Research Center.