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Kultur Haus Helvetia is a volunteer effort and volunteers have responded, helping with cleaning, painting, electrical, carpentry, roofing, architecture, plumbing, decorating, and design. Volunteers do the day-to-day management of the finances, help with operating the store, and clean the Alpen Lodge among the many other tasks it takes to keep the building open. The following people have generously donated their time and talents to the project. If you would like to join in, please contact us.

  • Adam Roh
  • Andy Malcomb
  • Anna Chandler
  • Anna Lehmann
  • Betty Biggs
  • Bruce Cressler
  • Bryson VanNostrand, Architectural Advisor  
  • Butch Nicholson
  • Cathy Johnston
  • Charlotte Chandler
  • Chris Hedges, Legal Advisor
  • Clara Lehmann
  • Dan Lehmann
  • Danny Daewyler
  • Dave Whipp, Secretary
  • David Lemasters
  • Debbie McNeal
  • Diane Betler, Alpen Lodge Chair
  • Dr. Jerry Arnett
  • Erika Betler
  • George Hamlin
  • H. Kevin Betler, Kultur Haus Chairman
  • Heidi Arnett, Board Member
  • Henry Rice
  • Holly Plunkett
  • Jack Sanders
  • Jay Nesselrodt
  • Jason Walls
  • Jerianne Brown
  • John Plunkett
  • Joni Roh
  • Jordan Brown
  • Lauren Brown
  • Lindsey Gorby
  • Lucy Roh
  • Maggie Gain
  • Mike Bellotte
  • Mike Heldreth
  • Mike Roh, Mask Museum Chair
  • Nancy Gain
  • Owen Davis
  • Phil McAvoy
  • Robin Heldreth
  • Richard Smith
  • Ronnie Smith
  • Sally Schneider, Board Member
  • Sam Knotts
  • Sandy Burky
  • Scott Betler, Financial Advisor, General Store Chair  
  • Shawn Cook
  • Stanley Hofer
  • Steve Gongola, Financial Advisor
  • Suzanne Lemasters
  • Terry Shingleton
  • Tom Whittier, Legal Advisor
  • Willie Lehmann
The architectural advisor inspects the attic
Painting the exterior on the second floor and above.
A family of four paints shelves in the General Store.
Volunteers install a shelf for the Mask Museum.
Volunteers install vinyl flooring.